Your Heroic Journey to 5D Consciousness Awaits

How will you heal and transform everything using the music you love?

The Musimorphic Quest Proof Of Concept

In a non-linear process such as this Quest, a traditional return on investment is not immediately obvious. Instead, it must be felt and applied through lived experience before it can be reflected on the bottom line.

So, to begin that evaluation, ask yourself: what is the value of relationship? Your answer to that question could be personal as an intimate relationship, or as corporate as a purpose-based cohort, working group, or enterprise. Now that you have a value in mind, let's move on to the lived experience of relationship.

For example, two important results of the Quest lived experience are that:

  • Out-of-the-box intuitions and creative ideas that before were inaccessible and below the surface become accessible and obvious;

  • Snap-in connection of those novel ideas to in-place processes and programs becomes part of the existing process/program forward journey.

That is, while evidence shows that teaching concepts such as “here’s how you have intuitions” or "here are the steps to be creative" can have only limited success, the Musimorphic Quest, something like the Star Trek Holo-Deck, invites Passengers who are ready for it into deeper intuitive/creative experiences in real life. Better than that, one of the core heuristics of the Quest is that Passengers discover that they can engage their new experience as a kind of personal “holo-deck” any time they need it.

How would improved creativity and intuition change the relationship(s) you have in mind?

Creativity and intuition are just two of the “below-the-head” heuristics of the Quest. Others include:

  • Improved appreciation and digestive capability for paradox;

  • Enhanced awareness of the potential in relationships (both personal and business);

  • Ability to offer a novel kind of psychological safety. 

It’s important that, while many of us feel some competence in these kids of activities already, the Quest transforms what has been simply an “activity” for us into a much more profound, life-affective journey, which has the benefit of improved “competitive edge” (as the head brain wants to understand it). This edge flows in part from our personal lived experience, and is amplified as it resonates in relationship.

Finally, it is important to notice the way the Quest works on symptoms of life. Quest Passengers report that their ability to deal with many life issues improves significantly. The big term for this is “wellness.” You may recognize some of these:

  • depression, distress, and anxiety;
  • grief and loss;
  • post-traumatic stress;
  • toxic personality;
  • harmful discrimination (issues such as skin color, economic class, political preference);
  • addictive behaviors and harmful tendencies.

Wellness is a big plus in relationships, is it not?

In summary, the return on a Quest investment can be measured by both the personal changes that result from improved intuition, creativity, higher-order thinking, strengthened relationships, and more durable wellness, and the relationship changes that amplify personal growth and transformation. These effects are experienced differently, of course, both personally and across entire enterprises, from design and production to marketing, administration, human resources, information technology, and finance, as leaders and groups in all areas discover ways to apply their personal Quest experience within their areas of influence.

How would those kinds of changes impact the value you want to experience personally or professionally? The answer, especially in non-linear, experiential, imaginative heuristic below-the-the head, and delightful learning environments such as this Quest, is directly related to your immersion in the process, your vulnerability as a Passenger, and the self-awareness that comes from the experience; it can't be discovered any other way. Conceptually, that proof already exists within you, and it will become increasingly self-evident both during your journey and in the period of integration that follows you afterwards.

Passengers may also find their desire to repeat the Quest process increases over time, which is a pleasing proof both of its utility and itvalue.


Get Started using the nearby big green button. You'll be offered two Levels of passage: the self- guided Silver and the coached, cohort-based Gold (fully-coached passage for your team). Once you pass the paywall, your Quest for 5D consciousness begins. If your desire aligns with Platinum passage, please use this link to inquire.


The six-week Platinum Level Quest is an exclusive heroic journey for Passengers who:

·      Want to make the deepest possible inner commitment to transformation

·      Maximize results from a lifetime of self work

·      Strive to move from success to significance

Your customized Platinum Quest is supported with in-depth guidance by Bill Protzmann, additional assistance from our team of Quest Mentors, optional group interaction with other Passengers if you wish, and regular online meetings during your journey that extend your new skills and integrate them into the challenging opportunities of your life.

As the name implies, the Platinum Quest is of significant value, and it is highly customizable to your specific situation, whether that is a full embrace of new "5D" consciousness, or as support for initiatives such as social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (S-JEDI). Please use this link to inquire.


The six-week Gold level Quest is for team and solo Passengers with excellent self-motivation and commitment and a desire to master their heroic journeys. Intention and purpose are the focus of the Gold level Quest. Tuition is $2,497 USD to join the Quest at the Gold level, and Passengers may individually join the weekly Quest mastermind or participate in their team cohort’s purpose-specific mastermind facilitated by a Quest Guide.


Silver level Passengers are self-sufficient and self-motivated to do their inner work. While the Silver Quest includes online discussion with other Passengers and online dialogue with your Quest Guide and Mentors, your own internal compass will be the tool you use most. Musimorphic is pleased to offer the Silver level as a pay-it-forward subscription plan of just $169 USD per month. In exchange for easy access to the Quest and its immediate value this is also an incentive to share your Quest with others! While this level is ideal for testing the waters, it can still go as deep as you want and is fully supported by Quest Guides and Mentors with no requirement to complete in six weeks.

For active-duty military service members, Veterans of any United Nations member country, as well as first responders, frontline COVID-19 clinical workers, and volunteers, Musimorphic offers need-based Quest scholarships. Please use this link to inquire, and be prepared to provide bona fide documentation of your military or other qualifying service.

To begin your Quest at the Gold or Silver levels, use the big green Get Started button floating nearby or at the top or bottom of this page.

Questions? Sometimes a conversation can be useful before jumping in on a new endeavor. Asking questions is a great way to clarify purpose and belonging. 

You can book a free, no-obligation conversation with Bill Protzmann directly using this link. the continuing journey of your life...from grief to growth and beyond. Whether you’re an accomplished performing artist or like music playing in your background, you deserve this opportunity to change your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – with music.

Copyright 2016-2023, Music Care Inc, dba Musimorphic. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any portion of this Quest without specific written permission is protected by law.

Bill Protzmann is an entrepreneur, musician, husband, father, and proud member of humankind.

His mission is to raise awareness of the practical value of music, especially as a pathway “5D consciousness."

He's the world's leading advocate and educator on the power of music for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual (MEPS) self-care, holds magna cum laude degrees in piano performance and creative writing, and has led a successful consulting practice for Fortune 500 clients in information and telecommunications technology for the last 30 years.

He's also the founder of Music Care Inc dba Musimorphic, the first for-purpose business established to teach you how to give yourself effective, evidence-based self-care using nothing more than the music you love.

Bill's work has been recognized by the National Council for Behavioral Health with an Award of Excellence - the behavioral health industry equivalent of winning an Oscar.

Book your free in-depth conversation with Bill to review and analyze the music you love for it’s powerful effects on you.

Quest Curriculum

  • 10 Levels
  • Coaching By Bill
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    What's a music rite?

    You will learn about how music has always been available to us as a tool, and the power of using musical tools in purposeful, almost ceremonial ways. This background will also introduce the language of music care. You will begin to identify the ritual-ready moments of your life.

  • Level 02


    This second "preparation" Level is about the things you'll need on hand to perform an effective music rite. In this Level, you'll assemble that gear and create a personal space for practicing its use.

  • Level 03


    Your first of three "build" Levels. Creating effective music rites begins with deepening your internal awareness of and connection to your emotions. You will do that if you were creating a strategic approach to the rest of your life. Here's a secret: you are.

  • Level 04


    This Level reveals the tools you need to accurately discover the emotions in the music you already love. Think you can do that well now? Just wait until you learn and use this tactical approach to the hidden emotional power of music.

  • Level 05


    It takes strategy, tactics, and ammunition to win a military campaign. In this level, you will learn how to make your own customized ammo. No worries: this military metaphor isn't about making war; it's about the fuel that powers your music ritual and how to use that fuel for good.

  • Level 06

    Locked and Loaded

    Testing your skills in a safe environment is crucial before deploying them in real life. This is the most most important Level in the Quest: everything you've learned so far comes together in one powerful playlist, and you build your very first musical ritual around it.

  • Level 07

    Finding Neutral

    The last step before you take your new skills into the wild is to learn to find the powerful place called "neutral." Using your new skills, you will identify your own personal "neutral" and begin to practice ways of returning to it at will. Don't worry: there's a rite for this, too.

  • Level 08

    Into the Wild

    You've had time to practice, but now is the time to deploy your new skills in real life. This Level can be daunting for introverts and hard to control for extroverts, but you're ready. You may be surprised at how far you've grown...and at how many more purposeful rituals await!

  • Level 09

    Musical Corners

    The Wild can be brutal. This Level will help you keep your balance out there. You will learn to make several new kinds of music rituals that can take you to back to neutral. Your final practice for the next and final Level.

  • Level 10

    Your Own Personal Music Rites

    In this final Level, you will learn how to extend your new skills across the entire spectrum of your power. Most importantly, as you do this, you will find your trust in music ritual deepens and connects you more genuinely with the other essential parts of your human being.

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    The $169 per month pay-it-forward plan

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    Gold Level

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Success Stories

  • Robert Svoboda

    Emotionally ricochet to a place you choose

    "Wow! I have always loved music and have relied on it throughout my life, but I never understood why, or appreciated the logic, methodology, and science behind my reliance on music to carry me through. Understanding the framework of why I feel the way I do, understanding that it is OK and doing so with intent and then being able to emotionally ricochet to a place of my choosing is very comforting. THANK YOU!"

  • Nicolette DeVidar

    This was an AMAZING journey

    "Thank you, Bill, for inviting me to go on this Quest and for your encouragement throughout. And thank ALL of you who put this very thoughtful and carefully orchestrated Quest together. I can heartily recommend it. Coming from a very spiritual background, the Quest helped me unlock a key to two paths which I had to date not fully grasped, and which have opened through the Quest and helped me further rise. As with everything in life, synchronicity is the magic ingredient when life unfolds."

  • Steven Morrison

    Don't deny emotion; incorporate it

    "I have sincerely appreciated this very directed, unique, meaningful, and effective way for us humans to process and understand emotion. It's a skill, and this Quest shows us how to use it. The times in which we live demand that we learn to incorporate emotion into our daily life experiences instead of denying it altogether, and the Quest shows us exactly how to do this in a way that is compellingly easy to appreciate because music is the means."

  • Dyane Rogelstad

    This Quest has truly improved my life!

    "When my Dad passed away, I was faced with overwhelming grief for the first time in my life. I decided to use the skills from this Quest to learn to process my grief using music as my guide and lifeline. It has worked so well! I now feel empowered to face this difficult emotion. I now know how to gently recognize, approach, and enter times of grief and to use my curated playlist to safely and effectively take that journey."

  • Robert J Ackerman, PhD

    Worldwide authority on addiction and recovery

    "Listening to Bill Protzmann pulls all of the positive things about living into place. He is a master at his ability to relate his music to recovery for everyone. His music and his words of wisdom touch and teach at the same time that recovery is truly a gift, just like his music."

  • Doug Blackwood

    Cancer survivor, Military Veteran, peer counselor

    "I confronted my fear of cancer treatment radiation; initially with the Serenity Prayer and meditation. Then it dawned on me: I am seeking serenity. Bill gave me his 'Serenity' CD. The radiation techs played it for me. While the beams radiated, the piano sedated. The power of music! I left Protzmann’s CD for future patients."

  • Gary J Rossio, ASHCP

    Director (retired) VA Medical Center San Diego CA

    "Bill’s love of music, passion for Veterans and boundless energy to do the right thing in every situation is to be admired. I heartily endorse him and his work."

  • Lesslie Keller

    CEO (retired) Episcopal Community Services of CA

    "Many thanks for your lively and thoughtful keynote address this morning at our Professional Growth Day. You were at once entertaining, inspiring, and thought-provoking. I confess I could sit and listen to you play the piano for hours, and so appreciate you sharing your gifts with us today."

  • Eric Darling

    US Army National Guard (ret), Sr HR NCO 1-109th FA

    "Bill is an amazing presenter. His speaking and training abilities are outmatched only by his passion for music and helping Veterans. I’m not sure why I like what he does, but his use of music for healing touches me on some deep level that I normally don’t allow to surface."

  • Rodney L Hatley, Esq

    Asset Protection Attorney

    "If you’re looking for a speaker at your next event, I cannot recommend Bill highly enough. As he describes himself, he is a man on a mission, namely, to raise awareness of the power of music as self care. Your audience will be engaged, entertained, and enlightened."

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  • 2028

    The $169 per month pay-it-forward plan

  • /
  • 2497

    Gold Level

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